Magnolia Athletic Dept. COVID-19 Updates



The Magnolia School District athletic department has announced the following updates due to the COVID-19 virus.

Students on the 8th and 9th grade volleyball and football teams and on the Magnolia High School volleyball team have been quarantined at this time.  These students will receive instruction at home through virtual/online methods while being quarantined.

Members of the MHS volleyball team are scheduled to return to school on Monday, October 5.  Members of the 8th/9th volleyball and football teams are scheduled to return on Wednesday, October 7.

Games scheduled during this quarantine period have been canceled.  Future game dates will be determined and announced at a later time..

Any student becoming COVID-19 symptomatic while being quarantined should call the school office of their campus.  The District will then arrange testing for that student.  The phone number for Magnolia High School is 870-234-2610.  The Magnolia Middle School phone number is 870-234-2206.


Scott Nipper

Special Programs Coordinator
Magnolia Public Schools